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False Alarm Prevention Course 

Course Number: CSAA001
When police are called to a home or business where no emergency exists, it threatens us all. False alarms are one of the biggest threats to alarm customers and response agencies alike. Police resources are already stretched thin as it is. Responding to false alarm signals wastes precious time that could be spent getting to a genuine crisis. The volume of false alarms has led many local agencies to levy hefty fines and/or deny service to the worst abusers.

The Central Station Alarm Association is stepping forth with this informative and instructional online training to help those who own and operate the alarms learn what they can do to prevent false alarms. CSAA is a non-profit association that works with the best minds in the industry to create high quality training options and other valuable resources for alarm companies, their clients and the agencies charged with responding to alarms.

The False Alarm Prevention course provides information that is critical to understanding the alarm system process. You will learn about how alarms are processed and how the industry treats each and every alarm call. You will gain an appreciation for the costs of false alarms and what you can do to minimize the risk of a false alarm on your property. This course is being used by many local authorities as a requirement for service restoration. You may contact your local authorities for more information or visit the CSAA website at

This course will take approximately one to one and half hours to complete. At the conclusion of the course, you will be required to take and pass and online examination in order to receive a numbered certificate of completion.

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