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TMA Online Operator Level 1 

This all-new in 2017 course was created to address the challenges of 21st century monitoring. A manageable introduction to the industry through an absorbing, inspiring e-learning experience, the seven new modules reflect the most current technology capabilities and customer service practices in today’s most effective monitoring centers.

Modules are:
Module 1 - Introduction to the Monitoring Industry
Module 2 - Technology
Module 3 - Effective Communication
Module 4 - The Monitoring Process
Module 5 - False Alarm Prevention
Module 6 - Industry Readiness and Monitoring Center Security
Module 7 - Monitoring Center Operator Code of Excellence

TMA Online Operator Training Level 1 offers the industry standard for training for monitoring center operators.  The course is extremely comprehensive and user friendly and touches on everything an operator needs to know prior to performing monitoring services. The topics are easy for the learner to follow and understand and is applicable to any monitoring center.

The course is produced in accordance with current best practices for online learning including micro-learning, narration, and audio and visual examples for those with differing learning styles.

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